Chaity Composite is a state of the art facility equipped with most modern equipments. It is a vertically integrated manufacturer of fabric and garments with foreign experts at different units. Most of the latest technologies have provided the unit a leading edge in the field of knit manufacturing.

Chaity Composite limited is striving hard to become a perfect modern facility, where quality required will be superlative. Chaity composite has set the pace for changing global customer demands for textiles and has focused its attention to select core products. Such a focus has enabled the company to play a dominant role in the global textile arena. With its presence across the textile value chain, the company endeavors to be a one-stop supplier for leading garment brands.

Fore vision and technology has made Chaity Composite one of the top fabric producers in Bangladesh. The company has the latest models of circular knitting machines from world class manufacturers, with added technical features. The main products are single jersey, rib, interlock, pique, engineering stripes, polar fleece, CVC fleece, etc (cotton and polyester both).

Dyeing is the hallmark of Chaity Group. In Chaity Composite Ltd, there are seventeen bulk production machines and five sampling machines, Out of these, three bulk production machines are from Turkey (CANLAR) and the rest are from Germany (THIES/THEN). All these machines are controlled by some overhead controlling system. To simulate the laboratory dyeing conditions with the bulk production, there is an automatic chemical and dyes dispensing system attached to weighing terminals operated by a scanner to avoid operational errors.

Dyeing Finishing
Finishing department is mainly designed for open width finishing. Four slitting machines – three are of Bianco brand and one from Hung Jyi brand, four stenters - one eight chamber from Germany (Bruckener), one ten chamber and two eight chamber from Taiwan (LK), two compactors from Italy (Ferraro), one sueding machine from Italy (Lafer), one shearing machine from Italy (lafer), eight tumble dryers and six raising and brushing machines have strengthened the finishing section. Chaity Composite Ltd is specialized in all types of functional and chemical finishes, such as:

  • Moisture management for synthetics and natural fibers.
  • U.V Protection.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Nanocare.
  • Teflon.
  • Flame Retardant.
  • Perfume Finish.
  • Easy Care.
  • Cool Max.
  • Stain Release.
Chaity Composite Ltd has two laboratories - dyeing and physical laboratory. The dyeing laboratory is outfitted with auto lab, supported by SPS solution maker, spectrophotometer from Datacolor International, sample dyeing machine from Ahiba, sample squeezer and mini stenter from SDL. In physical laboratory, Chaity Composite Ltd has the capacity to conduct all test methods as required by leading garments buyers.

Monthly production capacities
Knitting : 13,50,000 Kgs Per Month Dyeing : 12,00,000 Kgs Per Month Finishing : 12,00,000 Kgs Per Month

List of Machines

Knitting 180 Europe, Japan & Taiwan
Dyeing (Including 5 sample machines) 22 Germany & Turkey. Brand: Thies, Then & Canlar
Finishing Machines
I. Stenter machine (open width) 04
II. Stenter machine (tubular) 01
III. Compactor (open width) 02
IV. Compactor (tubular) 01
V. Dryer machine 01
VI. Peach finishing machine 01
VII. Brushing machine 06
VIII. Tumble Dryer machine 08
IX. Combing machine 01
24 Germany, Switzerland & Taiwan
Dyeing laboratory Machineries
  1. Atolab-tf
  2. Atolab-sps
  3. Spectrophotometer
  4. Yarn Strength Tester
  5. Twist Tester Electronic
  6. Yarn Count Tester
  7. Yarn Appearance Tester
  8. Color Assessment Cabinet
  9. Combing Machine

Data color & Verivide: USA & Taiwan