Chaity Composite is a state of the art facility equipped with most modern equipments. It is a vertically integrated manufacturer of fabric and garments with foreign experts at different units. Most of the latest technologies have provided the unit a leading edge in the field of knit manufacturing.

Environmental Friendly Factory

Biological Treatment ETP: A most modern water treatment plant with Italian technology having capacity of 5000 cu-m/day.

Total Water Consumption 2018 : 1404962 M3
Natural Gas Consumption 2018 : 14930139.94 M3
REB Consumption 2018 : 1593158 kwh
Diesel 2018 : 171281 L
ETP Water Discharge 2018 : 1332874 M3
GHG Emission 2018 : 29855.225 Ton
Wastage Amount 2018 : 1597763 kg