Chaity Accessories Division:
This is the domain for the backward linkages of Chaity Group. The Group is supported by some sister concerns to face the challenges of the open market economy. These backward linkages are also available to serve the valued partners in order to reduce your cost not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and quality. All of these companies are symbols of reliability, efficiency, goodwill, experience and innovations.
Basic Information :
Floor Size : 80,000 Sft. Annual turnover : $07 Million
The Plasticman Ltd:
The plastic Man Ltd is a renowned business entity engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting Readymade Garments. The company has emerged as a pioneering name in knitting and world best modular line system garments industry with fully automated new branded machines. Products : Hanger, Carton, Sewing Thread, Poly Bag, Gum Tape, Elastic, Draw Cord, Hand Tag, Size Tag, Interlining etc. Market : Both local and foreign.
Polybag Division:
This division produces both PP and PE polybags. There are 4 machines to produce polybags. Two of them are PP and other two are PE poly producers. The Polybag Printer can print 4 colors at a time. The company has all other necessary machineries like Side Sealing and Bottom Cutting machines to give the Poly Division a complete self dependent shape. Moreover, some new machines are being set up under expansion program.
Hanger Division:
The Hanger Division is equipped with modern injection moulding machines that produce various types of hangers. Among them Suit / Jacket Hanger, Trouser Hanger, Knitwear Hanger, Dress/ Blouse/Shirt Hanger are the most prominent ones. GPPS, HIPS, PP, K-resin and a wide range of color matching pigments are used to manufacture any hanger of buyers’ requirement. Many of our products can be produced with unique logo of customers; either by embossing or by placing adhesive sticker of different colors. Chaity Group is committed for the protection on environment. That is why recycling of rejected or damaged hangers is done to decrease the volume of plastic waste.
Sewing Thread Division:
Chaity Group has rolling machines, fiber machines and sewing thread winders. The group produces high quality thread as per approved sample and delivers the order quantity within the shortest possible timeframe. The group produces 100% spun polyester sewing threads of all counts, that is 50/2, 40/2, 60/2, 20/2, 20/3, 20/9.
Embroidery Division
Chaity Group can do all sorts of embroidery on shirts, pants, caps, knit wears, stickers, etc. The group can also make discs of embroidery for punching as per buyers’ design. The group has 2 ZSK machines made in Germany consisting of 20 heads each that can perform 9 colors at a time. These machines are considered to be the best type of machines in Bangladesh in terms of quality output.
Printing Division
Chaity group does screen printing on jackets, knitted items, cartons and labels. More specifically to say, the group carries out Taffeta print and Rubber print. Currently the group has 8 printing tables, each with 60 feet length. The group is in process to set up more printing tables to expand the production capacity. The group can produce the accurate design through its own laboratory.
Packaging Division
Chaity Group produces all types of export cartoons, backboards, neckboards etc with different sizes and plies.
Packing Division
Among the packing items, Chaity Group is able to supply P.P. Belt, Gum Tape (Brown & Transparent) and Scotch Tape.